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A data model for environmental monitoring
Software features and functions
Where is EQWin used?
Licensing and deployment
Support and training

EQWin 8

Manage your environmental monitoring data with power, depth and ease

If you are involved in environmental data management at any level, from field operations to executive oversight, and have responsibility for:

... then EQWin is for you.

Combining power and ease-of-use in high-performance Windows software, EQWin provides in-depth solutions to the unique requirements of managing environmental quality monitoring data in situations worldwide.

A data model for environmental monitoring

EQWin models the things you deal with every day in environmental monitoring: sampling stations, samples, sample parameters (physical, chemical, biological measurements), standards, laboratories and more.

You can set up databases for water, air, soil and other types of monitoring programs  – as many databases as you need.

The data model accommodates samples taken for quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) purposes, such as duplicates, replicates, splits, blanks and spikes.

EQWin automatically handles the special results that occur in environmental measurements. Significant figures are preserved and reported exactly as they were imported into the database. Results reported as less-than or greater-than are fully supported, including their proper use in calculations. Qualitative (non-numeric) results are also supported.

Software features and functions

Fast, accurate data entry

A powerful, versatile data import system lets you import data from electronic lab reports and field logs quickly and accurately. Data in spreadsheets can be brought directly into EQWin import files.

The import system has comprehensive data validation and quality checks developed specifically for environmental data:

EQWin Report Designer

Create reports easily, visually and interactively with the built-in EQWin Report Designer. Choose from a gallery of predefined report layouts. Sort, group and filter data. Compare data to standards and display exceedances with colors and flags. Calculate statistics for any reporting period. Add formatting, logos and more.


Analyze trends with the integrated graphing tools. Add standards to graphs to visually show exceedances.


Visualize data on maps and site drawings with the easy-to-use mapping system. A separate GIS (geographical information system) is not required.

Office software connectivity

Send EQWin reports to Microsoft Excel with one click for advanced data analysis and integration with other data sets. Insert tables, maps and graphs into reports and presentations being prepared with Office software.

Shared documents

Share reports, graphs and maps with other EQWin users, saving time and work and leveraging expertise.

Where is EQWin used?

EQWin is used around the world by industry, consultants and government agencies.

It has been applied to monitoring programs for:

Licensing and deployment

Support and training

User support is provided by environmental specialists with extensive experience deploying EQWin as the centerpiece of environmental data management systems in hundreds of real-world situations.

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