Better Environmental Data Management
Since 1998

EQWin Data Manager is a business application for importing and managing the sample data collected from environmental monitoring programs and using it for permit compliance monitoring, regulatory reporting, effluent and emissions quality control, research and ad-hoc data analysis.

What are the Key Features of EQWin?
A versatile sample import system that accepts data from spreadsheets in almost any arrangement and performs comprehensive data integrity and quality screening, ensuring that you always have a clean and accurate database to work with.
Create reports, graphs and maps with output that can be printed and sent to other office applications.
Exceptionally easy reporting: choose a report style, select some data, add statistics and formatting as wanted. See the results as you make choices. Save report designs and share them with other users.
Seamless Excel interaction: send reports directly to Excel for extended data analysis, specialized formatting, charting, studies and more.
Extensive support for regulatory compliance and reporting; comparison to multiple standards with exceedance flagging; support for both fixed and calculated standards.
Preservation of significant figures from data import to final output; statistical calculations that account for less-than and greater-than values; handling for non-numeric results.
Why Choose EQWin?
Software built with C++ for power and performance.
Renowned customer support with a full range of services.
Software, services and support since 1998.
Maximum flexibility with minimum complexity to cover a wide range of monitoring requirements.
Manage multiple projects and databases with even a single copy.
Who Uses EQWin?
Mining companies
Landfill operators
Regional authorities such as territories, counties, regional districts
Government departments
Environmental consultants
What is EQWin Used For?
Water quality monitoring for industrial operations, watersheds, potable water
Reclamation and remediation projects
How is EQWin Deployed?
Standalone Windows PCs, including notebook PCs
Windows network-based workgroups
Fast, easy setup

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