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Standards and Compliance

Comparing sample results to government regulations, operating permits, industry guidelines and company objectives

In EQWin, "standards" means any or all of:

EQWin lets you set up any number of standards.

Fixed and calculated standards

Standard values can be fixed or calculated. Fixed values are simply predefined limits. Calculated standard values vary depending on the sample matrix. For instance, standard values are sometimes related to the acidity or alkalinity of a sample.

Standards during data entry

Sampling stations can be associated with a standard. For instance, a station established for a discharge point might be linked to a permit. Then during sample data entry, exceedances for linked standards can be immediately detected, even before the incoming data is committed to the database

Standards on reports

On reports, standard values can be included and listed. Exceedances (out-of-compliance results) can be flagged with fonts, colors and/or codes. Station-linked standards can be utilized simply by checking a box. Report statistics can include "percent of results over standard" and "count of results over standard".

Standards on graphs

On graphs, standard values are plotted as lines. Calculated standards, which may change from sample to sample, are plotted as stepped lines.

Standards on maps

On maps, including a standard lets you visually display the statistics "percent of results over standard" and "count of results over standard"

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